Which motorcycle insurance to choose in July 2022

With the policy expiring, you have to decide whether to renew with the same company or choose another one, perhaps to take advantage of a super offer for new customers. This offer, however, must be evaluated with extreme attention to understand its actual convenience . 

So here is an overview of the 3 best motorcycle insurance in July 2022. Discover them on Facile.it, leader in the comparison of online insurance .

Usually those who subscribe to a motorcycle insurance tend to verify that the policy allows the suspension of the coverage during periods of non-use of the vehicle, since many go on a motorbike only during the summer and during the winter they leave it in the garage.

Allows you to suspend and reactivate the protection for free and customers can do it in perfect autonomy on the site or app. Important: the suspension is not available for policies with split premium payments.

  • The basic rate of the Prima.it online motorcycle insurance premium starts from 96 euros per year
  • You can choose between free guide, expert guide and exclusive guide

Zurich Connect

With Zurich Connect , the motorcycle insurance starts at 139 euros  per year. It also offers other advantages such as monthly payment without additional costs and the possibility of taking advantage of various agreements and partnerships with numerous brands.

  • The policy can be managed anywhere, thanks to the app to be downloaded on your smartphone
  • You can choose the Unlimited Suspensions option to suspend your insurance for up to a total of 12 months

Allianz Direct

We close the presentation of the 3 best motorcycle insurance of July 2022 with Allianz Direct , whose policy for motorized two-wheelers starts at 101 euros per year.

Those interested can choose the Moto Semper formula if they drive all year round without interruptions, or the other Moto Free formula if they only drive for a few months. There are also additional driving formulas based on the age of the motorcycle driver.

  • With Allianz Direct you can suspend your motorcycle insurance coverage online without reactivation costs and at any time
  • Wide choice of additional guarantees including Theft and Fire, Collision and Roadside Assistance

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