The 3 best car insurances of June 2022

Saving on car insurance is possible. Relying on the online comparison of quotes, in fact, it will be easy to identify a particularly convenient car policy that is perfectly able to meet your needs. Here, then, are the 3 best car insurances of June 2022. 

The cheapest car insurance for June 2022

1Allianz Direct273 euros
2Genertel Total Assistance348 euros Insurance371 euros

As is evident from what is indicated in the previous paragraph, in order to verify which are the most convenient car policies of June 2022 it is necessary to define the profile of ” typical motorist “. By entering the data of this motorist it will be possible to identify the most advantageous insurances for this particular case. It is always necessary to evaluate on a case-by-case basis which are the best policies by relying on the online comparison.

As regards the profile of “typical motorist” we indicate the profile of a forty-year-old motorist, in first class of merit and resident in Milan  who must insure a  Fiat Panda registered in June 2022. By filling in all the required data, the comparator will calculate several estimates, then ordering them according to their convenience and highlighting the best policies.

Here, then, are the 3 most convenient car insurances in June 2022 for the motorist profile indicated in the example by considering the cost of the Motor TPL coverage and the services included at no extra charge.

1) Allianz Direct

With the data entered in our example, the quote comparator shows us as the cheapest car insurance of June 2022 the proposal by Allianz Direc t. The Motor TPL coverage proposed by Allianz Direct, in fact, has a cost of 273 euros (thanks to a discount of over 196 euros available to motorists who bet on the online activation of the estimate calculated on

This policy includes the Expert Guide clause . This clause requires a minimum age of 23 years and a minimum experience of 2 years of driving (it is necessary to have obtained the driving license for at least 2 years) in order to drive the insured vehicle. It is possible, during the activation phase, to request the Free Drive option which will entail a surcharge for the premium but will also eliminate all constraints related to the age and driving experience of the driver.

As regards the ceilings , on the other hand, the company guarantees a ceiling of € 6.1 million per claim, both for damage to property and for personal injury (regardless of the number of victims). In any case, the policyholder has the right to agree with the company a higher ceiling which, however, will entail an extra cost when paying the insurance premium.

It should also be noted that the liability coverage is extended (without surcharges) to damage caused to third parties by the tow hook while the trailer is in circulation. The insurance also covers damage unintentionally caused to third parties by being transported on board the vehicle. Furthermore, material and direct damages caused to third parties by the fire of the vehicle not resulting from circulation are also insured within the maximum of 100 thousand euros per accident.

2) Genertel Total Assistance

The Genertel Total Assistance policy proposed by Genertel is another excellent option for those looking for particularly advantageous car insurance. The cost requested from the typical motorist indicated in our example is 348 euros . Thanks to the online activation it is possible to benefit from a discount of 25 euros, already included in the indicated price. The policy proposed by Genertel has the clause of the Expert Guide .

To be able to drive the vehicle you must be at least 25 years old. It should be noted that other driving solutions are available with the possibility of extending the right to drive the insured vehicle, in compliance with the contractual conditions provided for by the policy, even to those under 25 years of age, in order to eliminate the limitation provided. .

As regards the ceiling , Genertel’s proposal provides for a ceiling of € 1,220,000 for damage to property and € 6,070,000 for damage to persons. Also for this policy there is the possibility of extending the ceiling (against the payment of a higher premium) by adjusting it to what are the first necessities.

The liability coverage is also extended to damage caused involuntarily to third parties in private areas, by the trailer regularly towed by the insured vehicle and its hook, by a vehicle passenger or by vehicle fire in private areas (with the limit of 3% of the maximum ).

It should also be noted that it is possible to obtain a discount on the premium thanks to the installation of the black box and the activation of the services connected to the satellite device. Among the options there is also the possibility of suspension (provided for an extra cost) which allows you to suspend the policy up to 3 times (for a minimum of 30 days) during the term of the contract.

3) Assicurazioni

Another excellent car insurance, for the selected driver profile, is offered by Assicurazioni . The company offers, in fact, a complete third party liability policy at a cost of 371 euros . The policy is enriched by the additional Road Assistance and Satellite Protection services (which include the installation of a device for detecting the vehicle’s position) already included in the premium. The insurance coverage includes the Expert Guide with the possibility of switching, for an extra cost, to the Free Guide.

It should also be noted that the liability coverage provides for a series of extended guarantees covering damage caused in private areas of public circulation, the Civil Liability of transported persons, damage caused involuntarily by loading and unloading operations from the ground to the vehicle and vice versa. , damage caused by towing trailers and as a result of fire, explosion or explosion of the vehicle. All these guarantees are already included at no extra cost to the customer. Google Ads

As regards the ceiling , however, the policy guarantees coverage of € 6,070,000 for personal injury and € 1,220.00 for damage to property. The policyholder may request an increase in the ceiling, against an extra cost to be incurred when paying the insurance premium. It is possible to subscribe to the Conventioned Body Shops service which allows you to obtain direct repair of the vehicle, without advance to the body shops, the courtesy car, the cleaning of the vehicle being returned and other advantages.

To discover the  best solutions for the Motor TPL policy  you can also use the comparison system of estimates for car insurance  of,  a portal that is part of our own group of online estimate sites. Thanks to the online comparison, it will be easy to identify the best offers to save on the policy.

To  minimize the costs of car insurance  it is essential to pay the utmost attention and analyze the various proposals of the insurance companies present on the Italian market. Thanks to the  online comparison  of quotes, available through the  comparator of  for  car insurance , you can easily identify the most convenient car policy based on your real needs.

The cost of a car insurance, in fact, depends on a large number of factors starting from  the Merit Class of  the owner of the vehicle to be insured and his  residence.  Those with a very low merit class will have a very low car insurance price. In the same way, those who live in some Italian provinces, such as various areas of Southern Italy, will inevitably have to deal with a much higher car insurance price than in other Italian provinces.

The car model to be insured also has a significant impact on insurance costs . A small car, all other things being equal, will involve a lower cost than a car with a high commercial value which could record several peaks in the costs of additional policies. The choice of  additional policies , to be combined with the mandatory Motor TPL policy, is a central element in evaluating the convenience of car insurance. In fact, the Motor TPL policy alone can be, in many cases, insufficient to guarantee sufficient insurance coverage.

Choosing the ancillary policies to complement the Motor TPL coverage is therefore very important and will inevitably increase insurance costs. Among the main policies to be combined with the TPL policy we find the Kasko, Roadside Assistance, Legal Protection, Driver Accidents and Theft and Fire. All these policies are optional but their activation guarantees the possibility of significantly increasing the insurance coverage.

How with the online comparison?

1) Rely on the comparison of quotes through SOStariffe.itIt is easy to use and completely free
2) Enter your personal, vehicle and insurance dataThis is the data a company requires to calculate a quote
3) Evaluate the ancillary guaranteesThey allow to increase the insurance coverage by enriching the RC

The way to find the cheapest car insurance is through the online quote comparison . It is an easy to use and completely free system that allows any motorist to be able to identify the most advantageous policy, considering both the Motor TPL coverage and the various accessory guarantees available to enrich the protections available.

Relying on the online comparison to find the cheapest car insurance policy is very easy. Just access the quote comparison tool , available via the link below, and enter all the data necessary to calculate a quote (these are the same data required by any insurance company in order to complete the activation of a car insurance policy).

Thanks to the online comparison , however, by entering the data once it will be possible to calculate dozens of estimates. It should also be noted that, in real time, it is possible to add and remove ancillary guarantees, verifying the variation in prices and accurately evaluating which are the most advantageous car policies in relation to one’s needs, both insurance and expense.

In order to complete the calculation of the estimates it is therefore necessary to enter some precise data. Among these data we find:

  • the personal data of the vehicle owner and his residential address
  • vehicle data
  • insurance data

Entering this information allows the system to quickly calculate the cheapest auto insurance policies available at this time. A few seconds of waiting will be enough to access a complete overview of the most advantageous insurance coverage to be activated directly online. In fact, once the best policy has been identified, it is possible to proceed with the online signing of the contract by reaching the company’s website.

This procedure does not involve additional costs . By choosing online activation, in many cases, it is possible to obtain extra discounts, also thanks to the elimination of intermediaries. In this way, you will have direct contact with the company and will minimize the time required to complete the activation of the chosen policy which will be active starting from the date indicated by the user.

We also point out that, at any time, it is possible to contact the toll-free number 800 999 565 to obtain free assistance , both in choosing the most convenient policy and in activating it. The assistance service is available without any obligation for the customer (by calling the toll-free number there will be no obligation to activate a new coverage).

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