Online Degree: guide to online university courses

What are the online degree courses of Telematic Universities and how do they work

Online degrees are also highly appreciated by employers who recognize their employees, current or potential, the merit of having the will and ability to improve their professional skills, despite the commitments, by completing a degree in an online university . .

Obtaining a distance degree  is a privilege that also belongs to the new generations. Before the new millennium, even the hypothesis of attending a Telematic University by participating in online university courses was impossible. Today , graduating online is finally a reality, a staple for many students who are able, in this way, to study and work at the same time.In this guide:

  • What are the online degree courses of Telematic Universities and how do they work
  • All Online Degree Courses: Faculty, Type and Cost
  • Online degree courses: the recognized telematic faculties
  • Online three-year degrees: the “short degrees” available in Telematic Universities
  • Online Master’s Degrees: Online specialist degrees available in Telematic Universities
  • Online degrees: the validity of online degrees in Italy and abroad
  • Recognized online university courses: other distance learning possibilities
  • To graduate online for free? In some cases it is possible: here’s how
  • Online One-Year Degree: Is It Really Possible?
  • Online Degree: Which Is The Easiest?
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Online Degree Courses

All Online Degree Courses: Faculty, Type and Cost

Here are the details of all degree courses provided by the Telematic Universities recognized by MIUR:

Note: for courses with facilitated enrollment , our guidance desk can offer free assistance in the enrollment process and in the request for CFU recognition, reduced rates and exclusive financial benefits .

The online degree courses are based on a studied and recognized method. Thanks to e-learning you will be able to enjoy the video lessons available 24/7 with themes, which are also explored using supplementary materials, such as handouts and links for further information made available by the teachers and which at the end of your path will lead to the final exam for the distance degree . Self-assessment tests are also provided. The exams are usually held in the presence, at one of the offices of the online university or one of its branch offices. The Coronavirus emergency, however, has changed things a bit, opening the doors to online exams , both oral and written, so it is now possibleto graduate completely online . Even abroad there is the possibility of obtaining degrees online, it has been a well-established practice for years, although being foreign they are not recognized by the Miur. If you are planning to leave to work outside the country, the advice is to enroll in an Italian telematic university and obtain the distance learning degree.

The question that may arise now is: how is it possible to graduate on the internet? The first step is to choose the perfect university and course of study to graduate online. There are 11 telematic universities in Italy: eCampus, Guglielmo Marconi, Unitelma Sapienza, Leonardo Da Vinci, Uninettuno International Telematics, IUL Telematics, Giustino Fortunato Telematics, Pegaso Telematics, San Raffaele, Niccolò Cusano and the Mercatorum.

Once you have chosen the university you will need to go to a course of study and proceed with enrollment. Each year provides for the achievement of 60 credits which will then be followed by a final exam which, if passed, will allow you to obtain a degree on the internet . Telematic degrees are valid like any traditional degree as they are recognized by the Miur. To take degrees online, the same requirements set by the frontal universities are required:

  • to be admitted to the three-year and single-cycle degree course, it is necessary to be in possession of a second degree secondary education qualification, or another qualification obtained abroad recognized as suitable;
  • to be admitted to the master’s or specialist degree course, it is necessary to have a three-year university degree or diploma, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as suitable.

You can enroll at any time of the year at no additional cost and start taking courses from universities online . If you are interested in having more information on how to graduate online and on telematic degrees in general, you can continue reading our guide to get all the information you need, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be contacted by an expert who will help you. to follow all the procedures necessary for enrollment.

Online degree courses: the recognized telematic faculties

The recognized online degree courses listed above are divided into three-year, master’s and single-cycle degree courses and each belongs to one of the following faculties.

The three-year degree is a first level degree that can be accessed with any high school diploma or equivalent. The master’s degree, on the other hand, is second level which can only be accessed if you have a three-year degree.

Online university faculties provide both of these courses but not only: there are also single-cycle online faculties, such as law, whose training course includes 5 years of exams and a final degree test. Examples of three-year degree courses are the courses of Economics, Psychology, Engineering, the degree courses of Literature and Philosophy, of Languages ​​and of the Biological Sciences area, and all the courses of the scientific area. Each three-year degree corresponds to further in-depth studies on related subjects in the master’s, lasting two years.

The three-year degree courses recognized by the Miur that lead to the degree can be followed both in traditional universities and in telematic ones, allowing the passage from one to the other without problems. There are 48 three-year and master’s degree courses available at online universities and we will detail them in the next paragraphs so that you have all the information you need to choose the most suitable online degree courses for you.

There are many online degree courses and offer a very varied choice that is now getting closer and closer to those of the frontal university. Recognized online university courses allow you to earn a degree with full legal standing. If you find it difficult to choose among the online degree courses recognized by the MIUR , do not hesitate to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive further information from our consultants. You will be able to tell them about the project and the ideas you have in mind and they, free of charge and without obligation, will be able to direct you to the right distance degree course for you.

Online three-year degrees: the “short degrees” available in Telematic Universities

The online three-year degree consists of 180 credits, with a final exam given by the presentation and discussion of a thesis. The three-year degree in one year requires the achievement of 60 credits. All online bachelor’s degree courses are divided into 3 academic years, at the end of which you can decide whether to continue with a master’s degree or stop at the online bachelor ‘s degree and start your career. The online three-year degree courses offered by the online universities recognized by the MIUR are the following:

Note: for courses with facilitated enrollment , our guidance desk can offer free assistance in the enrollment process and in the request for CFU recognition, reduced rates and exclusive financial benefits .

The online three-year degree offers the double advantage of giving you the opportunity to train and work at the same time and then decide whether to continue your studies or not with a valid qualification in all respects.

Online short degrees are available in all online universities. The distance three-year degree is highly appreciated by students who want to get involved with a very high level of training while they are still working. Obtaining one of the online bachelor’s degrees means giving a new impetus to your career thanks to the skills acquired.

If your interest is then to continue your studies, as well as having the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree, you can decide to enroll in a first level master . A course that in one year (2500 hours and 60 credits) will allow you to further deepen the subject of your studies.

If you want to receive advice on how to continue your career, the telematics university offers you some tutors who can dispel your doubts and guide you in the right direction for you.

Online Master’s Degrees: Online specialist degrees available in Telematic Universities

The online master’s degree provides that the student can graduate in 2 years . The path of the telematic master’s degree requires access with a three-year degree recognized by the Miur and the achievement of 120 credits (60 for each year) with a discussion of a thesis as a final test. There are a lot of online specialist degrees and we list them here so that you can choose from the wide variety of online master’s degrees available:

Note: for courses with facilitated enrollment , our guidance desk can offer free assistance in the enrollment process and in the request for CFU recognition, reduced rates and exclusive financial benefits .

The online master’s degrees listed above are quite numerous, and cover a large part of the educational offer usually offered by Italian universities. The only courses naturally excluded from online master’s degrees are those for which intense face-to-face training is required, as is typically the case for degrees in Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary and health care in general. The distance specialist degree gives you access to many competitions as well as second level masters, so a three-year degree is not enough. Online master’s degrees are an excellent choice for those who need to obtain a degree to start their career.

Online Degree: Which Is The Easiest?

Let’s start from a fixed point: there is no easy online degree . The telematic universities are all recognized by the Miur and evaluated by the Anvur, which means that all the degree courses, although delivered online, maintain a very high quality style. If it was once thought that paying for a private university – online or face-to-face – meant buying a degree, today we can say that this prejudice is considered primitive. Online universities no longer have an incurred cost (in some cases it is also possible to graduate for free): so the level must be equated with all the others.

The only facility is the possibility of following lessons and studying even if you work and have little time, guaranteeing you the flexibility that traditional universities often do not offer. So even though there is no easy online degree , choosing this course of study still simplifies life considerably.

However, there are – hearing the opinions of the students – easier degree courses and others more difficult, the judgment criteria are absolutely subjective and depend a lot on the passions we have. Those who are passionate about literature will find it easier to deepen those subjects.

Going more specifically, however, according to the students, graduating online in Psychology, Educational Sciences, Communication Sciences, Cultural Heritage, Humanities and Food Sciences is usually easier than taking the online degree in Economics, Languages, Sociology and Agrarian. The commitment required of law or engineering students is much greater ; not only because in the first case it is (at some universities) a single cycle but also because the exercises are numerous.

With the same choice of study path, some students also evaluate the difficulty of the university they attended. Much depends on the type of exam: a distinction must be made between telematic universities that prefer written examinations with multiple choice or open answer .

In fact, there are those who consider the cross-check exams easier – usually proposed by the universities eCampus, Pegaso, UniDav and Mercatorum. Those who defend the seriousness of this examination method, underline how it is actually more objective, less influenced by the moods of the teachers and even more difficult if you aim to get high marks. Other universities such as UniMarconi, Uninettuno and Unitelma Sapienza, on the other hand, offer open-ended exams, generally considered more difficult to pass but in the opinion of many also a guarantee of greater seriousness of the University .

The cross-check exams allow you to launch yourself towards the answers that appear more plausible, the open-ended exams require reflection and in-depth study on a specific topic that is more difficult to simulate. There are also those who propose, like Unicusano , a mixed system that includes 5 questions, of which 2 are cross-hairs and 3 are open-ended. The choice, therefore, depends solely and exclusively on you.

We have come to the end of our in-depth study on the degree courses of telematic universities . This guide lists all the courses made available by universities online, but if you still have doubts about the path to take, the best solution is to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be contacted, free of charge and without obligation, by one of our experts.

Our consultants will guide you throughout the pre-enrollment process indicating all the training opportunities you would have in the various atheists and, if you are interested in proceeding, they could help you with the registration and credit recognition forms .

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