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The Doria Law Firm is based in Arce (province of Frosinone). For years it has been offering legal assistance and advice on serious and fatal road accidents. He has gained particular experience in the following subjects:   Compensation for personal injury; Road accidents; Recovery of damage from road accidents; Compensation for serious, complex and fatal road accidents.

Emanuele Doria lawyer

The owner of the firm is the lawyer Emanuele Doria, who is registered with the Cassino Bar Association. He has been in the profession for about fifteen years, during which he has had the opportunity to manage disputes relating to complex, serious and fatal road accidents. 

Fatal road accidents

The Doria Law Firm has followed several cases of fatal road accidents. This is a very delicate area, in which human attention to the drama experienced by family members is fundamental in addition to the deepening of legal issues .

Mission and results achieved 

The lawyer’s task is to advise on the strategy that can lead to obtaining the best possible result in the shortest possible time The lawyer Emanuele Doria has obtained considerable compensation for his Clients by dealing directly with the Insurance Companies : Generali Italia SpA, UnipoSai Assicurazioni SpA and

Case study and scrupulous choice of defensive strategy

Avvocato Doria offers maximum availability to those who need legal assistance as they are victims of serious or fatal road accidents. He provides the interested parties with an initial consultation during which he makes a preventive analysis of the case. Subsequently, she outlines the possible legal avenues that can be followed. In these cases, the lawyer provides all-round legal assistance, in judicial and extrajudicial, civil and criminal courts.

Negotiations with insurance companies

In the case of serious, complex and fatal road accidents, the lawyer Emanuele Doria assists  customers step by step, personally taking care of:

– negotiations with insurance companies aimed at obtaining compensation for damages due;

– actions for damages before the judicial authorities;

– INAIL indemnities in the event of accidents while traveling.

Road Victims Guarantee Fund

The lawyer Emanuele Doria handles the claims for compensation against the Road Victims Guarantee Fund. This Fund can be called into question in the following cases.

 a)  Responsible vehicle is not identified – eg. vehicle escape (so-called pirates of the road).

b)  Responsible car not insured.

c)  Vehicles insured with companies under compulsory administrative liquidation.

d)  Vehicles placed in circulation against the will of the owner.

Transparency and timely communication of the activity carried out

What distinguishes the Firm is the absolute transparency in carrying out the activities performed , the collaboration with specialized professionals with proven experience and professionalism , above all, the “record times” in the amicable settlement of disputes (where circumstances allow).

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